The Story

How Integrity Began
A lot changes in four years of undergraduate life. You are pushed to new limits, tested by trials, worn as thin as humanly possible. Inevitably, you emerge on the other side a brand new person. If you let it, college will change you in the best way. You will foster and develop characteristics in yourself that will shape the direction of the rest of your life. The reality of college is that it is meant to be an environment of four years of concentrated formation.

Post-graduation, life becomes an awkward reality of missing the comfortability of what you have known for the past four years and yearning to transition into a new phase of life. There is no concise or consistent manual for navigating post-college life.

This blog emerged after countless conversations between the members of the Integrity team with each other and with other recent graduates all asking the same question: “Where do we go from here?”

Our Purpose
This blog is meant to serve as an honest account of our lives as we seek to integrate the faith, virtues and morals we have cultivated during our undergraduate career into post-undergraduate life. It is meant to serve as a place for readers to find solidarity and community through our stories.

What Did We Choose “Integrity”?
Every good blog name has a good backstory. The word “integrity” evolved from the Latin adjective “integer”, meaning whole or complete. Understood in this context, “integrity” is the inner sense of “wholeness” deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character. We wanted a name that reflected the mission of this blog and the mission of ourselves as individual women. As a blog, we seek to provide a collection of stories that openly and honestly provide insight into our lives. Our goal is to write posts that are truthful and real. We don’t believe in fluff. As individuals, we are striving to be women of virtue, character and integrity. We seek to lead lives of authentic womanhood.

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